Weekend Chatter

That was the week that was half 2012 and half 2013!

New Years went off with the usual count down and the Happy New Year Hugs and kisses.  It was the first year that Mr Man wasn’t with us, it felt strange and not quite right, but I suppose, that’s what happens when kids grow up.

New years day was the normal journey to London, returning my mother home after her Christmas visit. It was the first year that the traffic wasn’t manic and we were able to return home and have some evening before heading off to bed.  However, new years day wasn’t the only trip to London that I made this week.  Two days later I headed up to London to visit my ailing father, he’s been very poorly for over 6 years now, but a cold had got to his chest and he was suffering, I know at some stage he will have to go into a hospice, but I’ll think about that another day.  He wasn’t feeling very well, but we were able to sit and talk and catch up on each other’s news and I did return home with the most amazing Fortnum and Mason Birthday pamper box,  Champagne, Chocolates, Birthday cake, body wash and lotion and even a little a sweet smelling rose covered soap.  I’m really looking forward to having time to enjoy those little luxuries; plus an F&M luxury food hamper for Please Sir and mine’s Christmas present  (Thanks Dad 😀 ), the kids got money and were over the moon.  The hamper was jam packed with the most wonderful delight’s of chutney’s, Marmalade, Tea leaves, Fresh Ground Coffee and a number of other wonderful treats to be enjoyed on a leisurely Sunday afternoon.  😀 plus two types of biscuits, of which one is a yellow cylindrical tin filled with the most mouth watering Lemon Curd Shortbread biscuits, which I’m eating whilst I type.

The usual rush after Christmas of getting last minute school uniform was adhered to, why we never manage to get it all done at the beginning of the holiday’s is anyone’s guess.

Half way through the week Gizmo (Gizzy) number one cat, for I have two, disappeared for three days without trace.  I know every pet owner should love and cherish their pets but both my little girls (Gizzy and Milly) mean the world not only to me, but the rest of the family.  Both girls were hand-picked from their litter’s and we watched them grow from the day of their births; we waited patiently for the longest eight weeks while they got ready to leave their mother and come and join our family.  They are not pedigree but to me every little detail of them is perfect.  For one of them to be missing, lead to a major man hunt (cat hunt!).  Welly boots were a donned and every inch of the fields backing onto the house were trod in the hope of finding her.  I even posted comments on the village social website in the hope that she could be found.  For three days and night’s I managed to get myself into such a state and no sleep or rest could be found; every sound was Gizzy trying to get back into the house.  The only option left was to start posting the surrounding area with contact details and a large picture, however, late Sunday afternoon as nonchalant as you like, she walked around the corner of the house and in the back door, with a small meow just for good measure.  The rest of the weekend paled into insignificance after that.

Today Kids and hubby returned back to the coal face and left me to my empty house that is in much need of straightening up!  But first a large Costa Coffee with my friend before I began.

So how was your week?


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