To Do List – 14 – 20 January 2013

Unfortunately this week wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, but hey I still did have some high points.

Jellycat Stories

I seem to be stuck in the middle of one short story and just can’t  get it to flow, keep having to step away and come back later but inspiration just isn’t arriving. Have another go this week.

De-Clutter House –

No 😦

Home-made Meals

3 out of the 7 were, so more effort still needed

2011 Year Book of Photo’s

Jessop’s went into administration this week, so unable to send to print. Now need to find a new company.

Evening out with Hubby


However, we did manage 2 lunch dates (an hour a piece) but still good fun.

Daily Blog – No!

This week my head wasn’t in the right place at all, so trying again this week.

This Week

  1. Daily Blogging
  2. De-Clutter House – Start on the filing
  3. Find new company to print photo albums
  4. Crafting project – Start on a gift for a friend’s birthday and design a birthday card for another.

Not as much this week, let’s hope I’ve got more chance of achieving them lol

How are your weeks plans coming together?


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