Little Patch of Heaven in The Making

We’ve lived in our little patch of heaven for well over 10 years.  It’s the only house Boo has ever known and the only house that Favorite Son can really remember as we moved here just after his 4th birthday.

Unfortunately Heaven is now looking shabby and certainly in no way chic and with No 1 son turning 19 in a couple of weeks the time is right to take that leap and turn our house back into its intended “Little Patch of Heaven”

With that in mind “Please Sir” and I grabbed our coats jumped into Muttly (our beloved 7 seater Seat) and headed for town.  I’m not sure either of us had any idea what if anything we would come back with, but after a couple of hours going from shop to shop we did have a few Parcel’s to show off.

  1. Shinny New brass letter box (our present one broke the other day when the snow was really bad)
  2. A Chicken and Mushroom Pie Dish.  Not that we needed one, but this jumped into my arms as I happened to walk past.
  3.  A bunch of fresh Red tulips that I’ve housed in my milk jug that normally sits on the Kitchen window ledge
  4. and a sample of wall paper, that we both liked which for the mean time is blue tacked to the hallway wall until we are 100% sure we are happy with it.

Well we have to start somewhere and why not with a few trinkets to help make the house into Our Little Patch of Heaven.



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