Chicken & Mushroom Pie and Other Stuff

I hate cooking

There I said it, I can breathe again and it’s not that I can’t cook, I just don’t like cooking, plus having a husband that seems to enjoy cooking, I’ve not had to worry, however, times are a changing. With Please Sirs working hours doubled and mine down to two days a week, It’s time to roll up the selves and start getting back into household duties :/ it’s Please Sirs turn to reap the benefits. Mind you I’m not sure that you can say my home cooking is a benefit, but hey!

Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Chicken & Mushroom Pie

So with the newly acquired Laura Ashley ceramic pie dish to hand, I made my start. Sort out a recipe for Chicken and Mushroom pie. (BBC Food Recipe) and follow directions carefully. I was surprised that it didn’t take long, 30 mins to prepare and another 30 for cooking.

In-laws back garden

In-laws back garden

A visit to the In-laws on the cards, we grabbed shop bought cake and headed off. (Note to self, must try making own cakes) while we were over there we took full advantage of doing a little exploring of the local villages and managed to find a lovely country hotel/ restaurant for our family celebration next Sunday in honor of No1 sons 19th birthday, the decor is a vibrant purple mixed with old brick work. As there is going to be 11 of us we have been given the snug instead of the restaurant and I’m assured that the roaring fire will be ablaze to keep us all warm and snugly.

Shipston on Stour

Shipston on Stour

Shipston on Stour is a quaint village with a lovely quirkiness about it, like the Antique shop that sells fresh flowers,


the slender house that looks squashed in among the rest


and the ornate shop clock that hangs from the building wall,


or even the hairdressers named “Head Hunters Unisex Coiffure”


how brilliant is that?

I look forward to our return visit next Sunday.


I’m glad to report that the Chicken and Mushroom pie was a great success and a repeat performance has been requested for next week. 🙂


Ah time for a coffee me thinks!

So take care speak soon

Sam xxxx


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