Evening 🙂

I’ve been busy doing nothing today!

The normal mad dash for the school run, then off to the supermarket to collect stationary supplies, a quick half hour walking the isles of Dunelm (Household Store) before heading homeward. Today’s mission; to have a mooch around the charity shops on the hunt for a jug – I’ve got this thing at the moment about milk jugs for housing cut flowers, instead of the traditional vase. So I was on the prowl for what might be on offer. Much to my delight I found a medium size milk jug and for the bargain price of £1, well it would have been rude not to have bought it! The other object of my search was a three piece afternoon tea set (cup, saucer & plate) of assorted designs. My long term aim is to get a collection of around 12 settings but for the time being I’m hoping for 8; just in time for afternoon tea on Easter Sunday. I already have 1 setting of 3, from an old tea set that we had.

The charity shops didn’t have what I was looking for in tea sets and then I remembered that we have an Antique shop; I’m always forgetting about it, due to it being housed in an old underground car park, a real Aladdin’s Cave, once your inside. The site is vast and can take a good hour to browse. There were a couple of arm chairs and a desk that I could have taken home with me, however, apart from them not fitting in the house, I didn’t think I could easily explain away their presence to Please Sir. So I tried to stay focused and not get side tracked by all the other objects that were calling my name.

I did manage to unearth a lovely 3 piece, to add to my now growing collection and for the cost of £5 for the 3 pieces a good buy; considering the others ranged between £8 and £15 per set. It’s not what I would call 100% vintage, very pretty all the same – green and cream with little red cherries.

Just before heading home I had to make a quick stop to the florists (well I had to get some flowers to show off my new vase). I’m trying to use everything local as much as possible, just to support the local community and the independent shop keepers, having seen how heart breaking it is when you’ve put your heart and soul into your dream for it only to fall apart because the community haven’t supported you, I feel I should do my bit.

I purchased what I considered a small bunch of flowers, wrapped in the richest pink good quality paper, mind you; I almost choked when the assistant said “that will be £11.20 please” No wonder she gave me a big smile when I walked in the door. They are lovely and do look beautiful in my new jug, but I have this little voice in the back of my head that keeps saying “they would have been cheaper in the supermarket” and the bunch would of been bigger, which in turn has taken the shine off them L. I’ll have to check out the market on Thursday and see what they have on offer.

I’m off out visiting tomorrow, so catch up with you on Thursday.

Have a good day

Sam xxx











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