Life at A Little Patch of Heaven

Good Morning 🙂

Sorry I didn’t make it yesterday, but yesterday was a day of nothing going right. However, today I feel is going to be a good one.

Another early start this morning with the school run etc, so I was able to take full advantage of time being on my side and headed off to Shipston-on-Stour; in egger anticipation of their ‘wet fish shop’.  Considering I’ve lived in this area now for just over 19 years;  in all that time I’ve only visited Shipston around 3 times, before 3 weeks ago and here I am now visiting it again, for the 3rd time in as many weeks!  I have grown to love Shipston, it’s not only a picturesque village, but it has such wonderful character.  The village is full of old people! (Please don’t think I mean that in a bad or insulting way; far from it). The village is full of what I call ‘proper shops’, butchers, bakers (well I haven’t seen one, but I’m sure there is one hiding somewhere) and the wonderful fish mongers, which also offers fresh veg.  The aroma of the sea  fills your nostrils and the cool air brushes your face as you enter and the assistant is only too pleased to see you and is egger to help.  While waiting for the preparation of my fish to be completed I was able to take in the delights of the Vegetable shop.  Oh how lovely it was to be transported back to a time long passed, when the shop owner new each customer by name; the vegetables still had a hint of the good old British soil and the customers didn’t just dash in and out as they would in a big super market, but instead there’s a warm smile for the other customers; and for those in the know, a little bit of gossip takes place over the mushrooms.

I spent a lovely hour in Shipston  and shall be returning again soon, perhaps staying longer if I can find a nice little tearoom.   I certainly noticed the stark difference between country village and impersonal  town where ballet shoes and a black jacket had to be purchased.

After my long shopping spree, I felt the need for a coffee break 😉 however, before settling down to a rather nice large milky latte, I took a sideways dash into WH Smith and bought two paperbacks , the last 7 books I’ve read have all been electronic, it was so nice to have a paperback in my hands again. Part of me hopes that the Kindle doesn’t replace the real book for 100% of the time, nevertheless you can’t stand in the way of progress I suppose, although it would be such a shame to lose the paperback  and future generations would deprived of the feel, aroma and substance of a good book.

Well I’ve got shopping to unpack and flowers to pop in water, so have a lovely weekend if we don’t speak before and I’ll see you on the other side.

Sam xxxx

Fish Mongers Shop

Fish Mongers Shop

One for the collection, and the bargain value of £5

One for the collection, and the bargain value of £5

Half the price of Tuesday's  bunch and a lot bigger in size

Half the price of Tuesday’s bunch and a lot bigger in size


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