Crochet Along – Week 2 #4, #5 and #6

Morning 🙂

I’m not sure I’m ready for March, but here it comes, signalling the oncoming events of Mothering Sunday (10th), St Patrick’s’ Day (17th) and the Easter Holidays (29th – 31st), This is going to be another busy month.

Looking back on February I would have to say the highlight was No 1 son turning 19, but there were a lot more things going on besides that;


We had Boo taking her part in the local amateur dramatics’  production of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. The production managed to get their photo in the local paper, and there right up the front slap bang in the middle appeared our Boo.

I’ve also managed to finish my second set of 3 crochet blocks with mixed results,

Second Set #4,#5&#6

Second Set CAL #4, #5 & #6

Textured Bluebells (coffee) seemed a bit wobbly in shape for my liking,

CAL #6

however, I love the colours of the Twin Stripes; they remind me of Neapolitan ice-cream and thankful add a bit of colour to the very basic colours used so far.

CAL #5

CAL #5

CAL # 4

CAL # 4











I’ve taken great delight in browsing at what the other’s in the CAL group have come up with this week, in fact exploring the blogs have given me real food for thought.

A quick glimpse at this month’s diary show’s that  I might have time to do more of the things I love;

My new Journal  – arrived in the post on Saturday.

Project Life folder – really must get some more ink for printing photos’

Smashing the things I’ve collected over the week and of course;

Crochet Along (CAL) project

Well it’s time for a quick tidy up after the weekend and then I must get down to making mothers days cards.

How is your March shaping up?

Have a good day, speak tomorrow


Sam xxxx





7 thoughts on “Crochet Along – Week 2 #4, #5 and #6

  1. Very ice-cream like!

    Please say to Lesley in The Fibreworks that you came because you saw it on a blog, that would be cool because I said I’d blog about the shop. 🙂 V curious now – where are you? Use my contact form on my ‘hello’ page and I’ll get an email (if you like!)

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