Kensington Palace


OMG my feet hurt, I’ve just spent the day in London, as Sunday is Mother’s Day and I am being taken on a mystery tour myself; I chose to take my mother out today (Thursday).

My mother is a control freak, so not knowing what we were doing drove her mad.  Being the cruel heartless daughter that I am, I loved every moment and carried on till the very last second.  I reserved a table for two in the ‘Orangery’ at Kensington Palace. This was something I knew she would never ever guess.

We pondered our menu’s over a chilled glass of champagne, how civilised was that?  Our two hour luncheon was unrushed and very relaxed; the food may have been of Nuevo Cuisine portions but we certainly didn’t leave the table feeling hungry.



Afterwards we were able to take the opportunity to wonder around the palace itself.  The former home to Prince William and his mother (Princess Diana) also, birth place of Queen Victoria.  I understand that the palace today still has royal residents.


Large rooms with connecting doors, Grand artwork of royal family members hung on every wall; even the ceilings were intricately painted, you would get neck ache from staring up.  The imposing spiral staircases with their figurines housed alongside the outer banister all added to the palaces beauty.

After exploring, the only thing left to us was to partake of an Afternoon cuppa, before battling the hording masses going home.


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