Catching a glimpse of me in the mirror this morning, the stark grey patch that now runs along my hairline is becoming more prominent as the days turn to weeks. A couple of years ago that would never have been allowed to happen, but with my body taking charge and finding that I am now allergic to a lot of manmade substances; hair dye being one I’m having to allow Mother Nature to take her course. My pride has taken a real denting, I can no longer hide my true age, I’ve passed my prime.  As I turned away from the truth and pondered on what needed doing next, my brain returned to the stark truth.  A deep breath and a heavy sigh, it suddenly dawned on me that maybe just maybe life was trying to tell me something.  Ok, I couldn’t dye my hair any longer, but if I added half of the cost from dying to the cost of a cut, I could afford to go to a slightly better hair dressers and get a sharper cut, that would add more shape and bounce.


The day hadn’t finished with me there.  Driving home from the morning school run, a slightly different way than normal due to road works, I happen to pass a grave yard.  Row upon row of well kept but weathered stones, and on the other side of the road, mums pushing prams, and the road I was travelling slap bang in the middle.  There are only two certainties in life, life and death.  I may not be the young mum anymore, but neither am I laying 6 feet under, with a well kept grave stone above.  I still had a life to live.  There is a roundabout a head and it was up to me which path I took, and what my next adventure could be.


With my allergic reaction to some man made products and processed foods now in the foreground, the doctor’s advice ringing in my ears, that 10 years being a vegetarian my body was now lacking some of the nutrients that meat could offer me and I should consider putting some meat back in my diet, you begin feeling that life is working against you, just as I, am about to take that step back into eating meat, the worlds press announce unknown horse meat in the food chain.  The only thing for it, is to buy from the local butcher, who gets his meat from the local farm, but all this preparing fresh food is very time consuming, but hang on, with my hours now changing, I now have the time to do what was is needed.


My life may not be what it used to be, however, things are changing, falling into place and new adventures are presenting themselves.  So my life is trying to tell me something…….. This maybe the next stage, but it can be as exciting as the past stages, it just up to me, to find the best bits.


Is your life trying to tell you something?


3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I’ve just read a fantastic book, not for everyone who feels an aversion to chick lit but this is worth it for the message, it’s called The Time of Your Life by Cecilia Ahearne and well…you’ll see what I mean when you read! I was lucky and got a 20p sale copy at my favourite charity shop.

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