Week 3 Cal #7 #8 & #9


So I’m three weeks into the CAL (crochet along) already, time is once again flying past.  Nevertheless, this week wasn’t as smooth running as I had hoped.

#7 Corner Granny


# 7 Corner Granny

# 7 Corner Granny

I quite enjoyed doing this one; though it doesn’t look precise enough to me! Maybe when attached to others the block will sit correctly.

#9 Arcadia

I didn’t enjoy at all 😦 , however I put this more down to not feeling 100% and having reacted very badly to something, rash head to toe – not a pretty site. But being of strong stuff I battled on with my next block.  In fact I didn’t like the colouring I’d chosen either, but it’s a block completed and I may even redo it at some stage.

#8 Popcorn Flower

By the time I started working on block 3, I was really feeling very ill and the rash had now moved down my arms and working its way over my hands, so holding the wool was becoming painful.  So clever thinking I purchased a thin lightweight pair of gloves.  Holding the wool wasn’t as painful now, but the stitching became uneven and wobbly for my liking.  Another one I will have to do again at a later date.

Phew!!! Week three now completed……

The rash????? Turns out I’m allergic to the dye in the new wool I’ve been using 😦 😦 😦 along with the lovely cut spring flowers that I’ve purchased over the last two weeks. 😦 😦 😦 At least the rash has now gone, mind you, so have all the flowers and the 15 balls of wool.  Looking on the bright side, I did find a lovely little wool shop close by and bought 10 balls of loveliness that I’m not allergic to (Robin, have used many times before).  So here’s hoping for a better week of crochet this week.

How are your blocks coming along??????

Speak soon

Sam xxxx


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