Mothering Sunday

A couple of days ago we celebrated Mothering Sunday, here at A Little Patch of Heaven, the tradition of waking Mum up early on a Sunday morning and baring gifts, did not by pass my ever growing family. On Sunday morning there they all were at the end of our bed holding gift’s and a card for yours truly. Even No1 son had managed to get out of his pit in honor of the occasion, for like me, No 1 son is a great lover of his bed.

Please Sir treated us to a Sunday brunch and then as a family (just us 5) headed off down the M1.  I had no idea where we were off to; I was just informed that it was an item taken off my “Now List” (How to Do Everything and Be Happy).

It’s been a very long time since we’ve just been out as a family.  These days one or more of us is usually missing due to one commitment or another, so being treated to a day out just the five of us, was enough of a mother’s day treat for me. It wasn’t long before we were pulling into the car park of Warner Bros – ‘The Making of Harry Potter’  HP was a very big thing in our house as the boys grew up, robes had been purchased for dressing up days, (even a very small Hermione dress was bought for the baby sister) we had weekends were the family took part in Hogwarts classes at home, Herblogy (gardening) Potions (cooking), visit’s to Diagon Alley and stopping at Honey Dukes for a treat to have on the way back home (Our local high street and the sweet shop) and I think we even once tried making are very own butter bear. So you can imagine the Adult and Children excitement as we embarked on our tour.

I’ve attached a couple of photo’s that I managed to take while going round, the tour  took us 4 hours in total, but this did included our very own broom stick lesson and a journey in the Weesley’s flying car.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, whatever you got up to 🙂

I’m out tomorrow, so catch up soon.

Sam xxxx


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