Week 4 CAL # 10, #11 & #12

Here in A Little Patch of Heaven I’m on the 4th week of the Crochet Along with ‘The Little Room of Rachell’

Thankfully this week I haven’t been allergic to the wool so that’s made the job a lot easier. I found myself a lovely little wool shop right here in our backyard, well hidden off the beaten track.  19 years I’ve lived here at A Little Patch of Heaven and only now do I find this little treasure trove of woolly loveliness. I do wonder sometimes if I walk around with my eyes closed.

Anyway, back to this week and my 3 blocks, with the new wool and colours, each block seems to have a much better shape and even form, the colours look so much brighter than the original wools, so for me have instantly made the whole project a kaleidoscope of colours that complement and work well on their own.

#10 Openwork Square

Is of the old wool, before I made my discovery, once I got into the rhythm of the pattern I whizzed along.

#11 Baby Blocks

I’ve used two colours only, pink and a mixed pink wool, I wasn’t sure at first how the squares would come along but I found it a bit fiddly and have to say that I was only too glad to come to the end of it (never to be repeated lol)

#12 Fine Lines

I really enjoyed crocheting this block; I love the little shots of colours that enhance the light green, for me the colouring worked really well.

So here they are my three blocks for week 4.

How have your blocks gone this week? Did you come across any problems or did you breeze through?

Speak soon


Sam xxx


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