Journal – Week 3

Week 3’s question from my journal;

10 Deceased People You Are Grateful For

This caused some debating here at ‘A Little Patch of Heaven’ between Please Sir and myself,  some of the names we were in full agreement but others we were poles apart, but it gave us an interesting evening of debate.

1)      My Grandfather;

It’s almost 15 years to the date that we lost him, and he is still very much missed.   For me he was the man who never judged only guided, always there to give words of encouragement, he was my rock that I would turn to as child when things seemed bleak.

2)      Elvis Presley;

I am not sure how old I was when I first heard Elvis sing, however I must have been quite young as I was 9 when he died.  I would sit crossed legged on the wooden floor of our lounge and listen to the EP (Extended Play) record playing on my mother’s 1960’s most prised possession;  her green record player.  I’d watch the record go round and round while I listened to ‘Home is where the heart is’ over and over again.  I’m not sure where that record is today, nevertheless, I have the song on my ipod.

So you could say Elvis Presley introduced me to my love of popular music.

3)      Oskar Schindler;

As a child I would hide behind my cushion as my parents and grandparents watched war movies, I still remember the total injustice I felt over the slaughter of innocent people.  For me it got so bad that in the end I refused to watch the movies.   That was however, until 1993 when Steven Spielberg brought Oskar Schindler’s war time story to the big screen.  My all-time favourite actor Liam Neeson portrayed Schindler.    Oskar Schindler may have not always done things for the right reasons but through his sharp brain and courage he managed to save many lives that would otherwise have been cut short due to Hitler and his army.

Because of Schindler and many others like him we are able to live in this free world of today.

4)      Josephine Cochrane

The amount of times I have blessed this person for their invention, as I closed the door and pressed the button on my dishwasher I sent up a silent pray of thanks.  However, I didn’t know who this person was, but felt that if I was to honour them for their invention I should at least find their name.  You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the inventor was a female and she had invented the original machine that present day ones are based on was back in 1892.

5)      Walt Disney

My first Disney movie was Pinocchio; my mother took me at an early age to see it at the cinema.  In turn as a parent I have taken all of our children to see the latest Disney movies; back in 2002 as a family we were extremely lucky to have 10 days at Disney Land Florida, where we had the most amazing time. This is a time in our lives that neither the child or adults will ever forget.

6)      Jane Austen

I must admit that I first heard of Jane Austen, not through her books but through a BBC adaption of Pride and Prejudice.  I would rush home each Tuesday afternoon from school just in time to watch the next episode and see what happened.  Thanks to that program I got a taste for reading her novels and in turn I gained a love for the classics.

7)      Winston Churchill

Even though I have already incorporated Schindler in my 10, I felt that Churchill had to be included. Through his dedication, bloody mindedness and guidance the war didn’t last as long as it could, if not for Churchill we may even be living in a totally different world.

8)      Enid Blyton

As a child growing up I hated reading with a passion, that was until I was introduced to the tales of the ‘Folk in the Faraway Tree’ and their adventures.  I would read and reread the stories time and time again until I could almost quote them off by heart.  As a parent I made sure that these books were on our shelves and read them to each of our children in turn.

9)      Joseph Nicephore Niepe

Once again I didn’t know the name of this man until I Googled him.  From an early age I have loved taking photos, not being able to draw like my parents, taking photos became my art form.  So thanks to Joseph and his discovery of being able to take a picture using light I have today many shelves of photo’s that are such precious memories, memories I wouldn’t have if I’d had to draw them.

10)   Steve Jobs

I went to bed with the 10th space vacant, I just couldn’t settle on someone that I thought I could give the place to.  Just before turning the bedside light off I leant over to my phone to double check that the alarm was set, showed my hubby a photo I had taken earlier in the day and then replied to a text that had just arrived, I clasped shut the case on my phone turning to my husband I announced ‘I love my phone’ it was in that second I knew that the 10th place had to go to Steve Jobs and his iPhone.  I’m not sure where I would be without it!

So these are my top 10 deceased people, I am sure, not everyone would agree with my choice, so tell me, who do you think, I’ve missed off.  Why should they have a position?  I would love to hear your thoughts’



4 thoughts on “Journal – Week 3

  1. On the 4th May our latest exhibition opens at Seven Stories the National Centre for Children’s Books; all about Enid Blyton. It will feature a magic Faraway Tree. If you happen to be anywhere near Newcastle upon Tyne, drop by.

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