Week 5 CAL # 13 # 14 & #15

Wow aren’t the weeks just flying past?

Blocks 13, 14, & 15; having read the blog from nanacathy and her words of wisdom about jotting down notes while making up the blocks, I sat poised with pen, note book, crochet hook, pattern and wool, and I have to say it was helpful and I will do it again, even though one of my brood said I looked like I were about to go into battle rather than have fun playing hooky. Cheeky monkeys, they just don’t understand.

#13 circle in square yeah, not too bad really love the colours




#14 now this is a total different ball of no fun.  Grrrrrr I must have started this block 6 if not 9 times, it looks quite innocent sitting there minding its own business, but that nasty piece of work had me up until midnight.  I wouldn’t have minded if I hadn’t been fooled by its name, you see, Alhambra is the name of my favourite car so in honour of my ‘Big Blue’ I even choose a blue to match her. Grrrrrr.




#15 not sure I like the colours, but anything was a relief after #14.




I took a quick look at next project, Water lily and then closed the book sharply, I’ll leave that one for next week.

I’m having a slight issue with computers here at A Little Patch of Heaven, so hopefully after Easter all things will return to normal. Working on my IPad isn’t as easy as I had originally thought.

Have a good week, and if we don’t talk before hand, have a lovely Easter.


Sam xxxx


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