Easter Break :)

So that was Easter and what a busy one we had here at A Little Patch of Heaven. I was only saying to Please Sir the other day how I was looking forward to a nice quiet Easter, but, forgetting that this Easter started at the tail end of March.

Good Friday saw the arrival of my mother, just in time for the Easter break. Saturday, we had a lovely Birthday lunch at our local pub; The George and Dragon, for the in-laws before heading home to start the mammoth task of baking for the small Easter afternoon tea I had planned. When I actually sat down to work out numbers, between myself and Please Sir we had managed to invite 11 People, so not a small Afternoon tea after all. Sunday started with the mad dash around our house turning things inside out and upside down with a good shake along the way. Otherwise know as an Easter egg hunt to most, but when it’s got our three running around we like to refer to it as a herd of elephants. Our guests arrived just as I placed the last chocolate butterfly wing on the sugar dusted cup cakes. If I say so myself Easter Sunday was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Bank Holiday Monday, our eldest two-headed off to see friends, leaving three adults and a not so little one, we in turn headed off to Stow on the Wold. The weather was very bitter but thankfully not wet or snowy, of course we made sure that we were kept warm by first visiting a Coffee house, I’m afternoon tea mad, so visiting a coffee-house was a delightful contrast. Coffee, lushness of chocolate brownies and a magical rocking chair, all I was missing was my crochet and I’d be set up for the day. After a delightful quick march around the village (motivated by the bitter cold and lazy wind) we headed off to the hotel; The Royalist. We warmed up in the 947 AD hotel with a pot of tea before heading home to get ready for our return to work.


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