A little patch of not so perfect heaven


Is there a time in a person’s life when they say enough is enough ?

Is it when you look in the mirror and see nothing but wrinkles and grey?


Is it when you put your favourite jeans on and they are now a tight fit?

Or is it

When your skin becomes so dry that crack’s appear when you bend your joints?

Or when you get on the scales and your 2 stone heavier than normal and at least one stone heavier than when your full term with your youngest child?


Could it be when a photo is taken of you and you wonder who the old women in the photo is ?

I suppose you could say it is all 5 for me (ugh – heavy sigh) 😦

So what’s a girl to do?

My mind says I’m 18 but the body tells a whole different story – Life can be so cruel.


I suppose that now is the time to add the full stop .  To say that was my youth and this is my next stage.  A stage where more time is needed to take care of myself.  It does matter if I don’t stop and take care.  My time needs to be allocated differently, but first things first


So ! where do I start ?

I’ve tried lots of diets before and they work for a week or two but then I just get bored and start eating everything in-sight, then end up carrying more weight. Everything you read about diet says you must exercise, but I hate exercise for exercise sake.  When I lose the weight I must reward myself.


But first which life changing program to follow; mmmmmm

Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley???

I’ve tried them all but which one to follow this time?

Having done a little research and taking everything into consideration I’m going for the Rosemary Conley diet and I weigh in on Thursday :/

So I ask this question, has anyone tried a diet plan that has really worked or is on a plan that is working? Please let me know or even words of encouragement are always welcome 🙂

Speak soon

Sam xxx

all pictures from Google images  


6 thoughts on “A little patch of not so perfect heaven

  1. The diet plan that works? Eat only when you are hungry, it works, if you can follow it. Sometimes I follow it, sometimes I just eat without a coma or full stop. The best diet really is willpower, it works all the time.

  2. I have the wrinkles. The dry skin suggests that your diet is lacking in something unless you just wash too often. The way to lose weight is simply to eat less than you need. I would say just look at the high calorie low nutrition foods you eat and eat them less often. Otherwise smaller portions. But do it slowly to allow your body and tastes to change.

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