CAL Week 8 – #22 #23 #24

Morning 😀

I seem to have managed to blog my CAL on time this week.  Don’t tell anyone I’m being organized they will never believe you 🙂

So here in A Little Patch of Heaven we have reached week 8 already, the time has been flying past, however, last week not so fast, I had to go right up to the wire on finishing them,  I’m not sure why but each block seemed to take me an age to finish, so as much as I’m loving the colourings of each of last weeks blocks  I didn’t enjoying actually crochet them.

Here’s to a better week this week.

How are your blocks coming along, did you hit a wall where you didn’t enjoy crochet any of them ?

Catch up soon

Sam xxxx


4 thoughts on “CAL Week 8 – #22 #23 #24

  1. There hasn’t been a week where I’ve hated, or not enjoyed the crochet but I did hit a wall early in the new year where it felt like homework. I’m enjoying it lots but we’re on the last lot now so the end is in sight.
    You’re dong well – time flies – I was surprised to see how many you’ve made.

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