Week 9 CAL #28, #29 & #30

Hi ya,

Happy St George’s Day 🙂 to you all.

Wasn’t it a wonderful weekend, the weather gave us a great chance to spend some time in the garden, but I still managed to finish this week’s blocks, however, once again I seemed very slow and didn’t finish right up until Late Sunday evening.

So here are this week’s blocks all pretty and very Christmassy,

So here’s to a good crochet week

Speak soon

Sam xxx


3 thoughts on “Week 9 CAL #28, #29 & #30

  1. I’m on your site for the first time because in the past I couldn’t get on…the link you sent me said it couldn’t be found but it led me to some of your writing which s even better. It’s such a pretty format…I can’t get over how you can embroider and knit that way. I can knit but not cast off so I tend to make scarves the length of the Great Lakes. Anyway…hope this finds you well and happy.

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