Week 1 – Dieting


Well  I did it, 🙂 dropped the kids to school and then headed off to my first weigh in.  Instead of going for one that is near to home, I choose one between the kid’s school and the office and a morning session.  That way I’ve got no excuse to change my mind as I can even attend on days when I find I have to work – cunning you see LOL. Plus weighing in, in the morning always seems easier to do, rather than after a day at home nibbling on things or straight after work when all you want to do is put your feet up.  That’s probably not the attitude 😦 lets hope when the weight starts coming off I’ll feel more energetic .

Paid the five weeks starter fee collected my nifty starter pack, jumped on the scales received the bad news :/ and then set off to rummage through my bootee 😀

So what is there?

A lovely set (4)of brightly coloured measuring pots and the large one (green) even has a little whole to help with measuring out spaghetti how cute is that.

A DVD on motivation

2 Diet books that cover the next 4 weeks on eating and calorie counting and some yummy recipes that I hope at some stage to get round to trying out.

A very interesting tape measure with little coloured plastic taps to stick on when measuring the body.  Mmmmm that just might need a bit more reading on.  And a lovely little Rosemary Conley promotional bag to keep it all in. 😀

I treated myself to the current diet and fitness book that goes along with the programme, up loaded a calorie counting app on to my phone and now the hard work begins .  The first two weeks the calorie count for each day is 1200 – they call this the kick-start booster Diet and next week we start on the exercise plan.

Wish me luck 🙂

Rosemary Conley Bootee

Rosemary Conley Bootee

Photo 18-04-2013 16 48 24 Photo 18-04-2013 16 49 13 Photo 18-04-2013 16 48 46

Interesting Measuring Tape

Interesting Measuring Tape

Chocolate Rice Cake & Lemon Tea - While writing my blog

Chocolate Rice Cake & Lemon Tea – While writing my blog


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