Dad Part 1

I am so sorry that it’s been such a long time since my last post, however it is with much regret that I write that my father passed away, quite suddenly on Friday (26 April), I say quite suddenly when in reality we’ve actually been waiting for over 9 years for the dreaded day. You see he’s been suffering from heart failure for 9 years and as the years passed his heart became weaker and weaker till the tail end of last year his heart was only working at 10%. The doctors told us he wouldn’t make New Year, we’d been told many times he wouldn’t make such and such date and he just kept proving the doctors wrong. So New Year came and went, then we were told he wouldn’t make his sisters birthday, that came and went, then it was he wouldn’t make his birthday, not only did he mange that he also saw his eldest grandchild have his birthday plus Easter came and went and much to the doctors surprise he kept marching on. We always knew he’d never get better; however I was beginning to believe that he might just carry on living forever; out living us all.  However, this was not to be the case. I visited him the Wednesday before and he looked very poorly, slightly confused, due to the drug over load that was keeping him alive, and by Friday the body couldn’t take anymore and the heart gave out.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be with him in his last moments, he passed away quite quickly in the early morning of Friday, even before I awoke.  Thankfully he wasn’t alone, for his mother and carer were with him at the time, and my Nan was holding his arm as he took his last breath.

Please don’t think this as a sad story, for all the suffering he suffered towards the end, he did lead his life just the way he wanted, managed to get a great lot of enjoyment out of the 69 years that he lived. He travelled a bit; however, his heart always belonged to Ireland, his father’s homeland. He only ever worked jobs that he loved (so not really a job) and he used his talent of being an artist to great use, his working life was always in advertising and marketing, using his love of the English language to create many a company, program or video marketing slogan.  Once he retired he turned his talents to being a full-time artist, mainly working in water colours but also turning his hand to oils and charcoals as well.

He may have left this world, but he certainly left his mark.  Dad being Dad never did things the way people would think, and his death is to be no different, there is to be no funeral as such, Dad had a great love for education so he’s left his body to medical research, in the hope that his body can help future doctors become more knowledgeable about how disease affects the human body and help save lives. So our local College hospital get the pleasure, however, it wouldn’t be right for such a talented man to just slip away without celebrate his achievements that he made while here on earth, so we are holding a memorial art exhibition in his honour, it’s to be open to the public afterwards, in the hope we can sell his paintings and raise money to help the local artists in their pursuit of bettering their craft.

To be continued……..


8 thoughts on “Dad Part 1

  1. I have just had time to read your post and I am truly sorry on the loss of your Dad. I know he may have may have lead his life the way he wanted in the last days, but it’s still a loss, nevertheless. I hope the almighty will rest his soul in eternal peace and I am touched by the fact that he left his body for medical research. What a noble and brave thing to do. Thank you so much for sharing your dad’s art with all of us, the look wonderful, he must have been so talented! I like them all. Pass my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the rest of your family including his mum. Thank you so much for associating with me and for visiting my bog, twice, despite your dad’s loss. I wish you peace during this period of mourning. Wish you all the best and hope you have a peaceful week! take courage, my prayers are with you.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss my friend. He is without pain now and is happier. Thank you so much for sharing some of who he was with us and his beautiful art! My prayers are with you and your family! *hugs*

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