Dad the final part

The funeral went as well as you can imagine, only one hiccup, the coffin had a large crack down the side, so another one had to be sorted, but we only knew about that as the funeral directors felt we needed to know, and dad was in the new coffin even before we knew.

It wasn’t a highly religious service, but then Dad wasn’t a highly religious person.  My Cousin read a poem and my eldest played one of my Dad’s favourite pieces of classical music on his clarinet and right at the end of the service each person came up to the coffin and placed a single flower by the side.  A little bit of summer on a bleak family day. After the service we went back to a favourite pub/restaurant where we swapped stories, laughed and cried some more.

So that’s it, the big splash on the river of life that once was my father, the last ripple has faded away and the river once more is tranquil.  I’m not sure how this has left me feeling, I suppose you could call it numb? A person lives a life and then in the end you’re left with just a memory

You might say that it’s only important to you, that you achieve all the things you want to do, that you leave this world having for filled your dreams, so before you die you can I say, I did that, I lived the life I wanted, I achieved the things I wanted and had a bloody good time along the way.  So as long as no-one gets hurt live the life you want, for you never know tomorrow could be your last day.


I will buy that bike and do the London to Brighton bike ride

I will learn to play the piano

I will finish my 200 blocks of crochet and turn it into a blanket

I will enjoy my children while they are here, for tomorrow they will grow up and lead their own lives.

I intend to make full use of every available opportunity and have some great fun along the way.

There is no point in getting upset because all the ironing never got done, or the rooms in your house aren’t 100% tidy (who’s are when you’ve got kids) and for me, I know I will never look like a model or beauty queen, so I will make the most of what I’ve got and if people don’t like it TOUGH.!!!!!

And yes I do have to work, not because it’s all there is to life, but so I’ve got the money to achieve all the things I want to achieve in life.

“I work to live not live to work”


7 thoughts on “Dad the final part

  1. I lost my dad many years ago. My dad used to be a very happy person, so we always joke about all the happy moments we shared and all the jokes and riddles he shared with us. Those memories, left behind are important because they are your only link with the departed one. It takes time to heal, it takes time to do everything in life. I try to carry my weather with me, and I’ve learnt not to worry about things I can’t change. It’s not always a smooth ride, but that is life, with it’s ups and downs. Live your life to the fullest if you can. I wish you peace and I hope he rests in peace too! Best wishes and thanks for sharing!

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