The Duchess has arrived!

The Duchess has arrived!

That’s what I put on my Facebook page the other day, which caused a bit of a stir.  My best friend EJ commented that she hadn’t realised that my mother was due. (Tut tut) but if you knew my mum you’d understand how appropriate that comment was 😉

The Duchess comes from a well-known family and her pedigree is of good stock.  Surname Dawes!

Boo commented; “Did Barry arrive with the Duchess”?

“Yes, sweetheart he did and hopefully we can all go out this evening when I get home”.

EJ was convinced I’d gone out and purchased either a dog or new cat if not both, so you can imagine her surprise when I posted pictures of Boo & me on our new bikes.

The family Dawes are the well-known bike makers here in Oxfordshire and their model The Duchess is what Boo and I have purchased (Boo just decided to call her bike Barry).

This isn’t some expensive whim that I’ve had, I’ve actually purchased the bikes as I’m planning on taking part in the ‘London to Brighton’ Bike race June 2014.  It’s a charity race for the British Heart Foundation and I’m hoping to take part and raise money in memory of my dad.   56 long arduous miles up hill and down dale from the capital of England to the seaside resort of Brighton.

The Duchess and I have so far been out on 3 trips: the first just a test run around the corner and back, her maiden voyage to our local supermarket where I managed to laden her basket with goodies (note to self – Full basket makes steering heavy and difficult) and the other day a 3 mile trip around our village, after each journey I’ve been gasping for water and ready to sleep for a week.  I think I might need a bit more practise before June next year.

The last time I owned a bike, I must have been around 10.  Christmas morning I awoke to a hand written note from Santa saying; he was very sorry but my main present had been a little difficult to get down the chimney and he would return in a couple of days time when things were less hectic.  You can imagine my disappointment on reading this, however, a couple of days later and as good as his word Santa left a gleaming white and blue  bike at the end of my bed.  At the age of 17 and still riding the very same bike, I took part in the London to Brighton bike race with my boyfriend of the time.  I can’t remember how long it took us, I just remember the relief I felt once we passed the finish line.

So I know I have a tough year ahead of me as I am quite a few years older and I’m certainly not as fit as I was at 17.

Have you or do you still ride a bike?

Speak soon

Sam x


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