I was sitting in the hairdressers the other day having my silver highlights attended to, while watching the reflection in the mirror of Clare skilfully weaving her combtail through my hair before laying a sheet of tin foil between the chosen hair and my scalp, applying either the salmon pink or pure white dye and wrapping each section up like neatly folded parcels,  Can I just say that thankfully these colours don’t actually come out looking that way.  I began wondering, apart from the fact that my head was  feeling heavy due to the amount of foil now hanging from it and convinced if you plugged me in I could quite easily send a message to the my fellow aliens,  what happened to all the foil once the colour had been applied and the client had left?

heavy head of foil

heavy head of foil

As I feared the tin foil is just thrown away due to the colour chemicals.  Recycling is high on our minds at home at the moment.  Our local council has just changed the bin systems, which believe it or not has made things a lot easier (well in our house anyway).  We’ve now been given 1 large blue bin, where all recycling can be dropped, no more having to try to sort out into different boxes. When you’ve got three kids in the house this really is a god send,  (no more over spilling recycling from the little green boxes that were only emptied once a fortnight), alongside the new blue bins we’ve been given 1 small (in-house) and 1 medium (outside) grey bin for household waste (vegetation, meat and fish) again this has made things easier, however, what is up setting is the amount of food as a family we throw away, it’s not just the amount of scraps that we dispose of from the plate (for there is very little of that)but the amount of out of date food that we throw.  Bulk buying is meant to save you money, there are so many offers now in the shops of buy one get one free or buy one get one half price that you almost feel like you’re being stupid not to take that offer, so I end up with more food than needed and the extra just gets thrown away.

Contacting Aliens

Contacting Aliens

Just sitting and thinking about it, is highlighting to me how much money I’m wasting.  So I’m rethinking the whole monthly shop and bulk buying.  I’m now thinking that bulk buying only for tins and non perishables and then perishables in small amounts once or twice a week.  To those of you reading this you’re probably saying how obvious this is all is, and having written it down, I to can see that.

However, things only every really change if they are thrust upon you, or a concerted effort is made for the better.  5 hours later and a wallet much lighter than when I went in, I left the hairdressers happy with my new colour but still wondering if there is a better way than using foils.

Thankfully not Salmon pink and white

Thankfully not Salmon pink and white

Have a good week

Sam 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rubbish

  1. Great point, Manty. We have chickens that eat our moldy bread and most of the uneaten food. The possums, foxes, and coons get the rest. But of course, nothing touched the raw fish I threw out (we forgot about it in back of the fridge) and after baking in 90 degree heat, stunk up the surrounding air and tried sneaking the reaking smell into the house. Husband buried it, and smell subsided.
    BTW, love your hair.

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