Week 28 Compton Verney

Morning 🙂

We made a visit to Compton Verney the other weekend. It’s an 18th century Manor House that’s been converted into an art gallery and also a parish in the county of Warwickshire. As both favourite son and the in-laws had both made visits to the manor house and come home with glowing reports it seemed the ideal place to visit as mum was with us and it would give us all a day out.

The grounds are grade 2 listed (landscapes) and featuring statement pieces such as, large tree, Stone bolder, a small selection of graves close to the river bank.  A stone bridge that the river flows beneath, plus secluded amongst a cluster of trees and the manmade willow tunnel nestled the thatched stone ice house.

The Manor house itself looked very grand from the drive and once inside, revealed its large display of pictures, incorporating a room of  portraits of people like  Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and two portraits of the young prince Edward VI only surviving son of Henry VIII and his marriage to Jane Seymour.  There was also a great opportunity to see the works from the Outside In collection, which is a national project based at Pallant House Gallery for amateur artists to access the art world and enable their work to be seen and valued.

By the time we had taken in the entire Gallery we were flagging and the old feet were beginning to complain.  I’m sure there is so much more to see from Compton Verney Parish and its Manor house, but for us and this visit it was time to head home.


Hope you like the photos

Sam 🙂


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