Week 30 Post Circle

Morning 🙂

A couple of months ago while enjoying a leisurely read, my interest was aroused to follow a link. “Miss Beatrix’s and her post on the “Post Circle””.

Miss Beatrix had set up groups of writing circles and openly encouraged people to go back to snail mail; put pen to paper, forget all about every day technology , emails and texts, spend a couple of minutes and write a heartfelt message to someone, to make their day slightly brighter.

When we were little EJ always had pen pals and over the years she has managed to keep in contact with some of them.  Something I’ve always regretted not doing as a child.  So here before me was the ideal opportunity to right that wrong.

At the beginning of the week an email dropped into my inbox from Miss Beatrix with the information of 5 contacts and little bit of information on all of us and the things we might have in common.

Lying on my bed this morning feeling very sorry for myself, having eaten something that had brought up my allergic reaction (Urticaria), Hubby brought upstairs an envelope (not handwriting I recognised) but on the back of the envelope 2 little words “Post Circle” even before opening the envelope my mood had lifted.  A lovely handwritten note and three postcards of the town in which Shelley lived just outside (Bushmills).  I love postcards and have kept every written one since I was in my teens.  I always purchase a postcard from places I have visited and now have 3 more to add to the collection and a new location to check out.

2013-07-05 09.58.47


My mood now a lot lighter, the painful lumps having subsided a little, due to the medication, the world is looking a lot brighter.

2013-07-05 11.03.52

So do you write letters or have you like me been converted to email?

Right I’m off to buy a thank you card and find something of interest to post to my first recipient.  BUT WHAT?


4 thoughts on “Week 30 Post Circle

  1. Hello Sam – I’m one of your #PostCircle friends, I’ve got some goodies ready to pop in the post for you today! (Note – I think it comes by pigeon from Australia so don’t get too excited – it might take a couple of weeks!) – Beth, Melbourne 🙂

    • Hi Beth, thank you every so much for the parcel, I’m glad to report that it arrived safe and sound. Now that our summer hols are over and the kids have all returned back to school I’m hoping to have the time to focus on my post circle. Take care and speak soon. Sam x

  2. Your right, it’s amazing how much pleasure you can get from a simple hand written letter. Unfortunately trying to find the time to sit down and write them seems to be my problem, but hopefully something I hope to remedy very soon. Thank you for your comments 🙂

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