Week 31 – Cornbury Festival

Morning 🙂

It’s been a few years since Hubby and I have been to the Cornbury Festival! 10 years ago we went when the Brother-in-law and his band (King B) played alongside the likes of Jules Holland and Blondie.  Two years ago the festival changed location from Charlbury to Great Tew, that year Imelda May headlined it, so this was lovely to return again this year.

23 degrees in the sun with the occasional breeze, sitting, chilling, sipping ½ pints of larger while people watching.  Big Bums, Little Bums, Square Bums, Round Bums all bopping in time to the music strutting their stuff on homemade stages of blankets.

Leaving the camping chairs we wondered the festival it was so easy to get absorbed in the entire goings on. So many varieties of food on offer, I even got to try sheep’s milk ice-cream, it tasted lovely and an added bonus I wasn’t allergic to it.

“The Hat” made a welcome return all shapes and sizes and even the odd one or two Parasols, but me I stayed with the traditional flowers in your hair for a festival.

With all the performers on stage, it was strange to hear the ripple of excitement as Alan Davies (British Comedian) made his way through the hoards for the VIP tent.

7pm the Proclaimers hit the stage and those born before 1987 leapt to their feet swaying strutting their moves and singing to their heats content.

9pm Keen had their turn, us OAP’s sat down to let the youth have a go, well it was only fair we’d shown them how it was done, surely it was their turn now 😉

I’m already looking forward to next year’s festival 🙂


4 thoughts on “Week 31 – Cornbury Festival

  1. I enjoyed your narration and pictures. Made me laugh, is that rice? or what is he cooking? Also I want to find out how you are doing? Hope you are coping? I still think about you, summer is a bit busy and I’m trying to clear my backlogged posts so I get so swamped, I can’t think straight anymore. Wish you a lovely week!

  2. Hi Liz, thank you for your comments, sorry it’s taken awhile to respond, the summer hols have been so busy that they managed to keep me away from my blog. Life is returning back to normal, if just a little more emptier these days, but thankfully I’ve got my fond memories to look back on. It means a lot to me your concern. Hope your keeping well and managed to enjoy the summer hols. 🙂 x

    • Welcome back. Kids started school, Sept 3rd. We are now looking forward to beautiful autumn. We still get a spike of heat here and there but it’s basically cooling down. I’m glad to see you back. I know it’s usually difficult to re-adjust after a great summer. I wish you a happy blogging and hope keep up the high spirits. Best wishes!

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