Back to School

Normality has resumed!!!

Well the school holidays have gone past in a flash, one minute we are thinking about where we would like to go on hols and the next; the kids are putting on the new school uniform and heading off to a new academic year.

July and August certainly went in a blink of an eye, having said that, we have managed to achieve so much.  We had two glorious weeks in ‘Parga’ (mainland Greece) the area that thinks it’s an island, or so the travel agent told us. We’ve never spent time on the mainland before always choosing an island, I couldn’t get over how busy the evenings where, people jostling for space, but during the day time the streets where empty and due to the extreme heat (40 degrees) that Greece was experiencing so where the beaches, so I can only imagine they were all hiding in their apartments and loving every minute of the air conditioning.

MP and family came down and we had an action packed day at Stratford upon Avon, playing the true visitor, going for bus tours and speed boating up and down the river Avon, picnic on the grass and ice-creams that insisted that they should melt and run all over the cone and down our hands.

Boo had a couple of school friends over during the month, so we took full advantage and went swimming, visting Cotswold Wildlife Park,

and a quick visit to Broughton Castle.

Just before it was time to pack and think about heading back to school, we managed a quick visit to Littlehampton to visit the BFF, where once again we donned on our kids at heart t-shirts and played graze golf, took the small train ride up and down the shore line and I think we must have eaten for England.

So here we are back to present day and maybe a little relieved that life might slow down slightly.


4 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I actually got lost in your story and photos and was a little sad the story came to an end. You seem to have had a great time. I have never been to Greece and would love to visit this area that ‘thinks it’s an island” (LOL). Temperatures was so hot…My God! Is that a weeping willow? I love weeping willows they always draw my attention and make me gasp with delight. The food at Littlehampton was amazing. Thanks so much for sharing. I wish you the best of autumn. My best wishes to the kids and all the others

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