Mad September

With the kids back at school I really thought September would be the calm after the storm, how wrong a person can be.

As life was going to be at a slower pace, hubby and I arranged to take the full advantage of a birthday present that Mum gave me last year. “Afternoon Tea” at the Ritz. The Ritz is every bit as stunning as I was lead to believe, Every indulgence is afforded to the paying customer.  The hotel is faultlessly kept and stunning to boot.  The food was second to none and there was so much of it.  We sipped a lovely glass of chilled Champaign while we waited for the food to arrive, 3 tier stand of yumminess; neatly cut oblong sandwiches, two mouthfuls and they were gone, no sooner did you feel like the sandwiches were disappearing than an impeccably dressed waiter appeared beside us with a large circular silver tray offering more, then came the warm fresh plain and fruit scones with side dishes of jam and clotted cream, and to finish a selection of mouth-watering cakes, to eat anymore would be total indulgence, so you can imagine our surprise when the waiter once again appear beside us offering, 3 more types of goodies, Sherry Trifle, Lemon Drizzle cake and my all-time favorite a Ritz Bakewell slice mmm all washed down with a pot or two of tea, 14 different flavours to choose from.  I’m sure Hubby and I waddled out of there like two fatted Turkeys ready for Christmas. We certainly didn’t eat again until breakfast the following morning.

The following week I was back up to London to meet with the girlfriends for lunch

2013-09-18 12.42.17

and then again twice last week, once to visit St Martin’s Theater and watch the Agatha Christie murder mystery “The Mousetrap” all I can say on that is “ The Butler did it” 😉 a little romantic treat from Hubby.  We had seen The Mousetrap about 20 years ago, (on our second date).  The theater itself is a masterpiece of Georgian architect, I managed to take a couple of cheeky photos of inside the theater before the usher tapped me on the shoulder to request that madam refrained from taking photo’s oops lol

The following day back up to London our Boo on a birthday treat with her Grandmother to see “The Lion King” Hubby and I took full advantage of spending time wondering the corridors of the National Portrait Gallery, viewing paintings of Henry VIII and his 6 wives, Anne Boleyn always being my favourite. Then moving on to Jane Austen, Elizabeth I our Royal family and the current exhibition by Jonathon Yeo depicting celebrates of the current day.  Well worth a visit if you’re heading that way.

So as you can see, September was far from a quite month, I wonder what October will have to offer.


5 thoughts on “Mad September

  1. Your life is certainly a whirlwind of very interesting events. I have heard so much about the famous Ritz Hotels but have never gotten a chance to to visit….one. The tea sounds like a fairy tale. Gosh it starts with a glass of champagne….and then follows all those goodies. I would have wanted to taste each of the 14 flavours…. It’s long since I went to a theatre or an art gallery. I live in a very small city with little to offer. I would have to drive to Toronto to have the same experience. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of the week!

    • Thanks Liz, I understand what you mean when you say you live a long way from theatre and art galleries, living in the countryside myself, I have to travel 86 miles to London, so when I go, I always try and make the day as full as it can be. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂

      • That is so very far (138Km!). Toronto is much nearer, only about 90Km. Just over an hour if there’s no traffic, longer with traffic. School hours are too short here (8.45-3.30pm) before I know it they are back home…have a lovely week!

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