Lazy Sunday’s

I love lazy Sunday’s, especially those that see the family heading off to the outskirts of Bicester (Bicester Avenue). A little place that sorts out the creative juices of not just me but, hubby and daughter too. Many lovely Sunday afternoon can be whiled away at the craft shop (Me), Garden Center (Hubby) and the cookery shop (Daughter); we meet up again at the coffee shop to show off our latest must haves before heading home to put everything into action.  Last Sunday was such a Sunday, the boys had gone out with their friends leaving us three to our own devises, and with a nod of recognition and glint in the eye we jumped into the car and headed Bicester way.

Because she’s a cheeky monkey, Boo finished in the cookery shop early and decided to join me, where she made herself comfortable and learnt to make a snowman out of Fimo …. Kids lol

Our Sunday purchases

and it wasn’t long before we started our crafting ;

Boo with her cooking

Hubby with his gardening

2013-10-09 16.11.33me with Crochet for Christmas and;


So that was our Sunday what are your weekends like, mad with kids or crafty creative?

Enjoy the rest of your week

Sam :O) x


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