Half Term Hols

Top of the morning to you all!!

After a busy week, it really was nice to sit back and relax Sunday morning.  Foot up (I’ll explain later) pot of tea for two, plus jam filled fruit scones, an hour of reading for Hubby and an hour of journaling for me –  complete heaven.

I had so many crafting projects and plans for Boo and I to do over this half term holidays, but between visiting friends, swimming, sleepover and Halloween trick or treating, we quite simply ran out of time, oh, that and I also managed to give our sofa a really good kick and in turn broke my toe.

This left me house bound for a couple of days, nevertheless the rest of the family stilled managed to carry on without me, and I enjoyed two days of foot being elevated, watching Halloween movies and creating a little bit of crochet decoration

and Christmas present making, which now all reside in my secret hiding place,

I looked at the CAL again this week, but it wasn’t long before I returned it back to the naughty corner, which was a shame as I had been spurred on to try again when reading nanacath and rainbowjunkiecorner blogs, hey ho.

The house is back to work and school this week, so I’ll have to slip the craftiness in and around that.  Hope you all have a good week, speak soon.


Love Sam x


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