Stir Up

Top of the morning to you all!!

I just love the tradition of making Christmas cake.  I remember as a child sitting at the dining table watching my mum making the cake, there was always a little job for me, generally chopping up the almonds and the cherries, (I’m not sure how but one or two of those cherries always ended up in my mouth) 😉 right at the end of the making the cake, Dad, Mum and I would each take our turn in stirring the cake – Good luck for the cake and a secret wish for us.  I must have wished for at least 4 years in a row for a cuckoo clock, alas one never did arrive  😦 maybe Mum and Dad just wished harder that one didn’t. Lol

In my 20’s when I left home I didn’t take a copy of mum Christmas cake with me, but instead found one of my very own.  I still use it today, nevertheless, I’ve made so many alterations to the recipe that I doubt you could say it’s the same cake as 20 years ago.

For the first time last year Boo helped me with the cake making, but just like when I was kid, Hubby, the Boys and Boo have always taken their turn to stir the cake and make that years wish.

So this Sunday Boo and I made the 2013 Christmas cake, we had great fun and do you know what two of those cherries found their way into my mouth 😉

Do you have a Christmas cake tradition?  Do tell, I’d love to know.

Speak Soon

Sam xxx


4 thoughts on “Stir Up

  1. I’m the only one who likes Christmas cake in my house so I’ve never bothered to make one. I usually just buy a slab or s box of Christmas cake slices but last year s friend who makes her own made one for me too and I’m sure it was the best I’ve ever tasted. 🙂

  2. What a prim and proper girl you were. Only two cherries ending up in your mouth. Even now if a recipe says ten cherries I buy twenty, and you know where the others go. I started making fruit cakes at the beginning of November. We’ve eaten quite a few. This weekend I shall be making the christmas one with lots of booze in it. Your cake looks lovely. I wish I could cut a slice. All the best and wish you a lovely week!

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