New Beginnings !

You'll Never Change your life


The other day a friend on Facebook tagged me on the above post.  I did wonder why they chose me, and then I remember the conversation we had about my New Year’s resolution.

With the Christmas decorations cleared away and the house feeling so empty ready for new beginning, fresh hopes and dreams I began to think about my New Year’s resolution, I’d only made one, however, this one resolution comes with many added extra’s and sub texts, which in turn should bring lots of fun along the way.

“To complete 47 things before my 47 birthday”

(16 December)

That should work out to be nearly something new each week with a couple of weeks off for good behaviour.

I think that little lot should keep me busy for a while and of course there is a lot of crochet to be done as well, one of which I started New Year’s Day, a hexagon blanket for the snug, but more on that another day.

So have you made any New Year resolutions? Do tell I’d love to hear.


Lots of love

Sam 🙂 x


10 thoughts on “New Beginnings !

    • Lol very true, I read somewhere that some one was hoping to do 25 thinks before they were 25 and then got the idea in my head lol lets see what next year brings lol

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