Mrs White in the Kitchen with…….. a Cook Book

2014-01-22 11.56.25-2

Phase 3 of the 47 challenge

Not just any old cook book either, oh no, Mrs White is the master of her own fate; I know I’ve mentioned her before, but we saw our Mrs White over the Christmas period.   Every time we see her I marvel at how brilliantly she is.  A couple of years ago she took that step to lose weight and totally transformed herself – I fancy a bit of that for myself 🙂

I find that diets don’t work that well for me, so I’m trying a new angle.  I’ve done some research and the top suggestions are;

1)      Keep a food diary *check*

2)      Work out a meal plan for each week (that way not so easy to go for the take away) – stuck to the fridge 🙂

3)      Have at least 8 drinks a day (can include tea and coffee, remember no sugar, but sweeteners are okay!)

4)      Try at least one new recipe each week *check*

5)      Take body measurements as well as weighing in.

6)      Keep a chart of your progress *check*

7)      Have a dieting buddy (thank god for twitter 🙂 )

So I’ve weighed myself in (oh dear) taken the measurement, written up the weekly meal plan, made a few contacts on Twitter to compare and encourage with.  The new recipe for me this week is in honour of our Mrs White.  We had this at her place once and the whole family loved it 🙂 and it appeared in this month’s Slimming World magazine.

Diet Coke Chicken


Has anyone got a low-fat and tasty recipe that I can try the next week?

Lots of love

Sam  🙂 x

PS next week becoming a detective


12 thoughts on “Mrs White in the Kitchen with…….. a Cook Book

  1. My husband and I are currently on a life style change when it comes to the food we eat! It’s so hard getting into that habit, but we feel so much healthier! I did start keeping a food diary and it keeps us modivated and proud of ourselves haha

  2. Happy New Year. I like the new look on your blog…Omg you’ve reminded me about my food diary…I have to keep on logging in. I envy Mrs White. I’ve been trying to loose 4 inches around my middle, in vain. I have to step up this year and do something about it. Have a lovely weekend!

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