Handmade Monday

Through reading other people’s blogs I’ve been inspired and encouraged to take that extra step, go that little bit further.  During this journey I’ve come across like-minded people.  If I hadn’t read NanaCathy’s blog, I would never have known about the ‘Jan Eaton’ C.A.L that “Little Room of Rachell” had set up last year.  Through joining and taking part in the CAL I was introduced to ‘Made by Patch’ and so on.

Imagine my delight back in mid-January when reading Nanacathy’s posting on decopatch (decoupage) boxes to find right at the bottom a brown highlighted link to

Handmade Monday

A weekly linky party for crafters is how “Handmade Harbour” describes it and she’s not wrong.  The page is full of awe inspiring blogs, not just on crochet, but much, much, more.  This got me thinking about the unfinished projects that I’ve got housed in a colossal clear container in the recess of my under stairs cupboard.

Each Monday I am now aiming to join in with the handmade crafters by finishing off my unloved projects.  However, this week as it’s not Monday, I’m sharing the hexagon blanket I tried my hand at.

Back in December I got it into my head that I fancied making a hexagon blanket.  I’d been drooling over pictures that I’d seen on Pinterest and as luck would have it I had 6 complete coordinating balls of wool in my not so secret yarn stash that would be just right for the job.

2013-12-29 15.34.50-1

Work began and the hook worked 19 to the dozen

When it came to putting the smaller hexagons together, I became uncertain of the colouring and I wasn’t that keen on carrying on, be that as it may I put a call out to my Facebook group and the consensus of opinion was to carry on and complete the project.

Once all the hexagons had been attached, I still felt that something wasn’t right.

For me adding the pale green border made all the difference and at last I was happy. What do you think?

Hopefully see you back here on Monday.

Lots of love

Sam 🙂 x


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