Handmade Monday

The weather was really foul outside the Snug window on Saturday, howling winds and torrential rains gave me no desire to venture outside.  The only thing for it was for me to make a start on the unloved and long forgotten projects, but before opening the under stair box, sitting upstairs on my daughter’s window sill was my first project to tackle.

I’d bought a circular box over a year ago to house all of Boo’s hair accessories.  I’d got as far as painting the lid and two-thirds of the body in an undercoat white and then for some reason I had simply stopped.  The box had been left on the window sill and been forgotten.

My original thought was to give the box an oversized cupcake feel to it, this being an appropriate theme as she adores anything to do with cooking or baking.  However, studying it now back on the window sill, I’m beginning to see it more as a small hat box rather than the oversized cupcake.  Whichever way you think it Boo’s over the moon with the finished article.

How are our homemades’ coming along?

Hope you enjoy the photos

Lots of love

Sam 🙂 x


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