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Come on in, grab a seat,

Would you like a drink – Tea or Coffee?

Do you have sugar?

Help yourself to scones, freshly made this morning!

So! What you been up to since we last spoke?


Well, I’ve started following the ‘Mystery Blanket’ have you seen it, it’s running inside the “Inside Crochet” Magazine.  Unfortunately I missed the first issue which was a bit of a pain, but I managed to create my own version from the picture supplied and if I say so myself I’m rather pleased

The magazine suggested using 50g balls of Aran weight wool and 12 different colours, nevertheless, Mr DC and I went to the wool shop in Bicester, the one on Sheep Street (that always makes me laugh).  I love the shop, they have such a vast collection of yarns, I really could spend hours in there. We spent a long time playing around with a large selection of different wools trying to find a large enough selection but couldn’t settle.  Right at the back of the shop on the left I found 400g balls of Aran from Stylecraft and Hayfield, not as much selection but because of the size of the balls it didn’t really matter. I decided on 4 colours and oh how I love them, I get a great thrill run through me each time I lay the crochet out and giggle of excitement escapes.

2014-02-01 14.21.14

I’ve completed part two (square the circle)

and have started part three (Bursts of Colour) This month’s pattern is only 5 stripes but each stripe has at least 3 to 4 rows. As long as I crochet 1 row a day I’ll be ready for next month and it allows me to have time to have a go at other projects as well, which leads to a happy me 🙂

So what projects have you got on the go at the moment?

Have you seen the heart wreath in “Simply Crochet” designed by Lucy? I’m thinking of giving that a whirl next.

Well it was lovely to see you, thanks for stopping by, hopefully see you next week

Lots of Love

Sam 🙂 x


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