Handmade Monday (not)

Starring out of the window from the Snug this morning I watched a single plump pink breasted pigeon try to nestle into the branches of the bare Cherry Blossom tree, to protect himself from the constant battle of howling winds and torrid rain, his little clawed feet must have been gripping for all he was worth, for he seemed to be quiet fixed.

Against the dull greyness of the outside world my purple orchid tried it’s hardest to add a tiny bit of colour and brightness.  Beauty of that one flower in the darkness of the winter months really does sparkle – the glimmer of hope that spring will soon be on its way.  Even the little crocuses are determined to push their heads above ground level, however, for the moment I am only too happy to stay snuggled up in doors, while winter gets on with its attack.

Having not managed to finish a project for Homemade Monday this week I felt the only thing for me to do was to jump on the band wagon of 10 Random things, so grabbing my beloved mobile I started flicking through the weeks photos’ to see what we had been up to.

Valentine’s Day, Hubby and I didn’t have the most romantic evening known to mankind, but we did snuggle up on the couch, devoured a large box of Malteasers and watched the Adjustment Bureau – Emily Blunt and Matt Damon – Not the most romantic movie nevertheless if you haven’t seen it I can highly recommend it.

2014-02-14 20.38.44-2

Kid’s pocket money day came and went and my middle child decided to get creative with his!

Hubby and I had one of those rare moments of time to ourselves and we took full advantage by meeting up with the in-laws in town for coffee, something we don’t get to do very often which was a really pleasant change.

We managed two moments this week where we weren’t trying to hold back the tides of the flood and the sun came out to shine on the righteous.  I just had enough time to grab my phone and snap a couple of shots of the oncoming spring before the down pour began again.

We have a small apple tree in our back garden and in August and September it produces the crispest, sweetest, and juiciest of pale green and red apples. The tree gives us such a full bounty that as a family we are unable to consume all of them ourselves, so I hand them out to family and friends, but my little tree keeps giving.  My mother-in-law shakes her head in fake horror as winter comes, instead of running around and picking the bounty before the last leaf reaches the ground, I leave all the apples to cling to their storks to rock back and forth in the winter storms.  Not because I’m lazy or just can’t be bothered, more of a case that it’s a source of food to the local wildlife during the winter months and the wildlife certainly seem to enjoy it.

As well as continuing with mystery blanket from the Inside Crochet magazine, I’ve rummaged through my yarn stash to have a go at the heart wreath that Lucy made for the Simply Crochet Magazine.

2014-02-11 13.50.46

Boo and I had a lovely evening on Saturday, we had a girl’s sleepover at one of my friend’s houses, Boo and her best friend and me with one of mine.  There was lovely food, putting the world to right’s and really great company, plus a little one to play with.

Introducing Bernie! Isn’t she just adorable?

Writing this blog was a very long and difficult process this week, I had a very unhelpful helper, but I just find it so hard to be cross with her.

My tenth photo is Sunday lunch; the reason behind this picture is not because I want to show off what a wonderful meal we had, it’s more to ask a question.

The dark wrinkled green stuff on the plate is Kale.  I steamed it as per the instructions (12 mins), but for me it really lacked taste, so my question is this – how should I have cooked it?

2014-02-16 18.47.07

Hope this Monday is a good one for you.


Lots of love

Sam 🙂


8 thoughts on “Handmade Monday (not)

  1. I love that dark wrinkled green stuff on the plate called kale. It’s very nutritious. I ate lots of it when I was growing up. We never steamed it. The kale was shredded and then we fried some onions, and tomatoes added some seasoning and then added the kale and cooked for a few minutes and …served. Could also be cooked with cream and onions, with seasoning. Very nice as a side dish. I love the orchids, very pretty!

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