Granny’s Blanket

Way back in February I went to my favorite wool shop in Sheep Street and purchased 5 balls of 800 grams of Arun, two blues, one dark, one light a white, a rustic orange and a dark sea green with flecks of yellow, orange and red.  My middle son requested a new blanket for the winter months as the one I had made over two years ago he felt had too many holes (pattern wise rather than falling apart). I’m thinking he probably just wanted a new blanket as I’d made others more recently, maybe something a bit manlier.

So I set about trying out new stitches that I hadn’t tried before and as the blanket grew, I not only began to dislike the blanket that I was creating, but I didn’t want to put hook to yarn, so I placed the rows into the naughty corner and walked away.  A few weeks later, I retrieved the wool and started again, this time I only got as far as 6 rows down the line, before the naughty corner came back into play and that’s where it stayed.


Good Friday I spent a happy hour reading through my emails of updated blogs and gazed through all the completed blankets of loveliness displayed in many forms, the desire started growing inside me to start my sons blanket for the third time, I didn’t want to waste time so grabbed my hook even thou I should have been getting ready for a trip to London.  So not to waste time or the need to crochet, my hook and yarn worked hard as hubby drove to and from London  My granny blanket slowly grew, from a hankie

Hankie size

Hankie size

to a lap cover

Lap Cover

Lap Cover

and further.  However, it wasn’t until Saturday, that I sat back and started reading Rachell’s blog about her “Huge granny square blanket finished “and how she noticed the tilting nature of her squares, thanks to Rachell’s research I’ve now taken her wise words of wisdom, change direction with each colour change, so hopefully and all fingers crossed my blanket should not tilt as much as it may have.

I have to say that I am really enjoying working on the blanket and watching the clusters of three, stretch before me the colour’s mix well together and unlike with the other blankets I’m loving the sea green mix giving just the right of manliness for my 16 year old boy, I’m even 80% sure that this attempt will be staying far away from the naughty corner 😉

and still growing :)

and still growing 🙂


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