Mr Humphrey !

It’s been awhile since I last wrote, inspiration had just evaded me, then the other day on Twitter Rachel (little room of Rachel) questioned why I hadn’t been blogging, I shrugged my shoulders and sighed a heavy sigh of despair (enough of this self-pity)   Then I remembered I was going to tell you all about Mr. Humphrey and just never got round to doing it.

Even thou I’m a Personal Assistant, my job is based in someone’s home and they have a gentlemen’s farm attached, certain times of the year, you can find that all hands on deck is called for, whether, you’re the Gardener, Estate Manager, House Keeper or little old me, Mid April to end of May is one of these times.  Lambing season 🙂   for me it’s time to sling on the wellie boots roll up the sleeves and get stuck in.  Me!, I’m on pet lamb duty.  Basically if any of the lambs need to be bottle feed then they get to come to me in the nursery.  Normally there are only one or two but as the farm is bigger this year we ended up with 8.

Daisy (5)

Daisy, Max, Timmy, Benjie, Floppy, Roo, Groggles & Mr. Humphrey, all 8 have a special place in my heart, however, Mr. Humphrey is a real mummies boy, he came to me early on in April his mother had taken fright in the lambing shed and in her panic had managed to stamp one of her lambs to death and damaged the second lambs leg very badly, we weren’t even sure if the little fellow was going to make it. So he came to me, he made it through the night and after a bit of tube feeding I was able to get him to take the bottle, but he still wasn’t making as much progress as they hoped and walking on the poorly leg was a slow process.


End of April the Farm Manager made the decision that Mr Humphrey needed to be put down.  I could just feel my heart-break, the little fella had been so brave, I gave him lots of cuddles that night before going home and left with a heavy heart and tears streaming down my face.  I knew I was being silly, I knew why the lambs were being bread, but this little one had got under my skin.

The following morning I returned to work and headed straight up to the barn to check on the others, and there in the middle stood Mr. Humphrey with a grin on his face.  So I was told, Mr. Humphrey made the decision to get up and start walking just after I had left the previous evening and since then he has made leaps and bounds of progress.

On the road to recovery

On the road to recovery

I can’t believe how wonderful this little lamb is now, but I still knew that at the end of the season (September) the lambs would be heading off, I couldn’t cope with this, so pleaded my case and now Mr. Humphrey belongs to me.  He will stay for as long as he would like and will live in the field with Turnip the boss’s old horse and 12 other sheep that aren’t part of the flock.

Can you believe it? I’ve got my very own sheep 🙂 if someone had told me years ago that I would, I think I would have laughed at them.


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