04 September 2014

Dear Em,

Hope you and the family are all keeping well.

My kids went back to school today, after a very busy 6 weeks of summer holidays.  The place seems so silent without the constant coming and goings, people having to be in certain places at certain times even right up to yesterday and now the house is almost too quiet.  This morning after dropping everyone off to their relevant places of work, I headed for an early morning treat ‘Costa’ ( a medium decaf soya latte and half hour of staring out of the window watching the world go by), before heading home to begin putting the house back together after six weeks disregard, I’m sure Boots thought I had gone mad, dashing around with the duster and hovering, she kept herself tucked away in her bed until she was well and truly sure I’d finished before setting a paw out and taking up her normal place of comfort on the sofa.

I’ve started tracing my family tree again as I said the other day, wow the prices of ordering certificates has gone up, £23 per item!, I don’t think I’ll be racing ahead with too many of those each month, especially with ODC & GDC’s birthday’s so close and then Christmas.  However, I have decided that I’m going to try to look into the family members more closely than I have done previously, I suppose you could say I’m doing my very own ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ watch this space.

My 2014 ‘Mood Blanket’ is slowly coming along, I’m on square 126 now, so really need to get a wriggle on if I’m to finish by the 31 December (365 squares) I think I worked out the other day, as long as I crochet two squares a day until the 31st I should have completed the challenge. I’m not sure however, if  I’ll do the challenge again next year, even thou I had read on Facebook that people were already thinking that far ahead.  The multi stripe blanket that I’ve planned for mine and GDC bed’s is now coming along even slower as I’m focusing on the mood blanket, but I’m in no hurry as I still can’t find new bed-clothes that I want to replace our old lot. I was thinking something plain maybe white or cream would suit, but I’m still finding it hard, never mind, I’m sure something will come along as and when.

I’ve enclosed a few photo’s hope you like them 🙂


Right I had better sign off now, as it’s nearly time to collect the kids, big hugs and kisses to you all.

Speak soon

Lots of Love

Me xx


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