When Dinosaurs wore Nappies!

Many years ago when dinosaurs wore nappies and I was expecting my first child I discovered the small world of Stamping. Having to spend my last 3 months of pregnancy in bed, I needed something to stimulate the brain and stave away the boredom. On one of my rare outings I discovered a little tiny stall amongst the shops selling little blocks of wood that had rubber images adhered to them, the man demonstrated the wonders, that could be transformed into any kind of greetings card and the next three months were spent creating announcement cards, birthday cards and the likes, however, becoming a full time mum and life changing in always possible, making cards fell to the back burner and the little rubber stamps and their accessories retired to the back of the under stairs cupboard.

22 years later, I find that my family have grown up and are busy getting on with their own lives, due to illness and a retired hand from crochet for the next 6 months due to injury, I’ve dusted of the boxes from the under the stairs and pulled out those rubber stamps and set myself on the path once more of creating. Oh how things have changed and transformed in the passing years, not just the stamps, but in the way they are used, what can be created and the accessories.

I’ve grabbed my trusty crafting bible (Pinterest) soaked up the wonders that have been created. I’ve even taken on board the thing they call you tube and have watched and studied hours of video footage of skill and craftiness (Brandy’s cards .com) is a firm favourite for me at the moment and now I am ready to start.

My Mum is attending a family wedding in a couple of months and ventured to ask if I could come up with something that would be suitable.

Above are my five creations.

Hope you like them šŸ™‚ comments and feed back always welcome.

Lots of love Sam x


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